Equipment, Tools, & Gadgets

This list is a work in progress and far from complete… 

There are dozens of kitchen gadgets out there these days. Something for everyone you might say. In a recent edition of the Williams-Sonoma catalogue, I did a double take when I saw that they were selling a machine that actually makes pies. Tools for the kitchen should be useful; that is why they are called tools. But when you buy a machine to make pies for you, you’ve gone too far. Roll up your sleeves and have a go at it. Buy a pre-made frozen crust at the grocery store. Buy a pie from a local bakery. But please don’t give up your dignity with such an insane gadget.

I admit that I have gone through phases where I have been seduced by the selection of tools available, and am guilty of buying some foolish items. My favorite useless purchase was an electric cheese grater to grate parmesan on my pasta. What was I thinking?

As I have gotten older, I have gotten a bit more discriminating in my purchases for the kitchen. I am sure that there are plenty of great additions to be had, and I would welcome your suggestions. But for now, I want to share my favorite tools and equipment. They are the work horses of my kitchen and cooking would not be the same without them.


All-Clad Pans

I think that they are the best. I use their standard stainless steel pans in a range of 3 different sizes for both the saute pans as well as the sauce pans. I could not cook without them. See my store for sizes.


12 Inch Cast Iron Skillet

If you had to pick one pan to buy for your kitchen, this would be the one. It is inexpensive, cooks evenly, can be used on the stove as well as the barbeque, and actually adds iron into the food that is prepared in it.


Vitamix Blender

It’s expensive at a price of more than $400, but worth every penny. It is the best blender on the market. You can make the silkiest smoothies, nut butters, hummus, and even soup. I use mine almost every day.


Microplane Rasp Grater

Zest citrus rind, grate hard cheeses, ginger, and garlic with this razor sharp grater. It’s indispensable.


Progressive International Freezer Pop Maker


Stainless Steel Nutmeg Grinder

Freshly ground spices are always best and this is particularly true for nutmeg. Nutmeg sold pre-ground tastes like sawdust. Either grate it using a microplane zester or keep this handy tool around. It’s a one time investment that you will appreciate for the rest of your life.


Dual Digital Timer

Indispensible for keeping track of anything from pasta in the water to cakes in the oven.


Le Creuset 7.25 Quart Dutch Oven

My husband bought this for me as a gift when we moved in together. It is one of my absolute favorite things I use for in the kitchen. Love it.


AccuSharp Knife Sharpener

I love this handy knife sharpener. If is inexpensive, easy to use, and best of all it works.


Breville Food Processor

The best food processor on the market today. The Breville chops, slices, juliennes, purees, shreds, and makes doughs. When making large quantities of anything or when I want perfectly thin uniform slices, it is a lifesaver.It is also my favorite tool for making favorite recipes like pizza dough and crumble toppings.


Citrus Reamer


Be it for a cocktail, dessert preparation, or something in the skillet, I am always grabbing a lemon. With a twist of the wrist, it will effortlessly and efficiently extract the juice. With a Reamer, you will always get the most out of a single lemon or lime.


Immersion blender

A handheld wand style blending tool that helps neatly blend, puree, and mix soups, sauces, and more. It is particularly convenient to puree soups as there is no need to transfer the hot liquid and ingredients into a blender.


Stainless Steel Spider Skimmer/Strainer


Stainless Steel Tongs

I have about 8 of these. I use them for everything from tossing salads to turning things in the oven. I couldn’t live without them.


Ice Cream Scoops with Squeeze Release Handles

I have them in different sizes; 1 1/4″, 1 3/4″, 2 1/2″, and Quenelle. They are infinitely useful well beyond ice cream.

I use the 1 1/4″ and the 1 3/4″ for cookies, 1 3/4″ for things like meatballs, 2 1/2″ for crab cakes, veggie burgers, and for serving or griddle foods, and the quenelle for fancy serving without having to form them manually with spoons.


Kitchen Aid Standing Mixer


Stainless Steel Compost Pail


Utensil Crocks Filled with Wooden Spoons and Spatulas


(On The Counter-Next To Stove)


Handled Flat Slicer


SodaStream Soda Maker

My family members love to drink bubbly water. Buying cases of San Pelligrino is not only expensive but bad for the environment. We have a high quality water purification system in our house and make our own bubbly water with the SodaStream in their reusable bottles. We enjoy delicious effervescent water and don’t have all of the trash.