My mother taught me from an early age to freeze just about anything. I would frequently complain about how she froze foods as she made them. But they came in handy when in a pinch for time or when I really wanted turkey dressing in April.

As many of us follow in the footsteps of what our mothers taught us, I have taken the stocking of a freezer to new levels.

The freezer is the most under utilized piece of equipment we have. It is good to keep a supply of your favorite veggie burgers, organic fruits, and vegetables. Freezing bread before it turns stale allows you to have it available when you don’t have fresh. And, of course, for treats.

I store all of my nuts and seeds in the freezer. These items can go rancid quite quickly, especially if they are raw. In the freezer, they keep well for several months.


Nuts and Seeds

Raw almonds

Slivered almonds

Marcona almonds

Raw cashews


Brazil nuts


Raw walnuts


Pistachios, unsalted

Pine nuts

Unsweetened coconut flakes

Raw pepitas

Raw sunflower seeds

Chia seeds

Sesame seeds

Black sesame seeds











Pearl onions

Evergreen organic wheat grass juice

Go To Prepared Foods

Sunshine Veggie Burgers or Homemade

Applegate or Bell and Evans chicken tenders

Dr. Praeger’s spinach or broccoli patties

Homemade soups; lentil, split pea, butternut squash

Homemade bolognese sauce

Homemade pesto from summer

Homemade turkey meatballs

Homemade bread crumbs from stale bread

Trader Joes frozen croissants

Trader Joes frozen puff pastry

Trader Joes frozen chocolate chip cookie dough

Pizza frozen from favorite local restaurant or Homemade

Whole wheat and preservative free sandwich bread

La Brea Bakery, sliced sourdough, olive, or rosemary bread.


Ice Cream-usually 2 flavors

Cashewtopia or Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss (organic, dairy free, agave sweetened ice creams)