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Baked Black Eyed Peas (vegan)


Even though I have been terribly remiss about posting for the past few months, I could not allow 2013 to end without a special recipe for the new year. As I have mentioned in previous year end posts, eating black eyed peas on the new year is a must. This year I am celebrating the holidays in the snow capped mountains of Utah and wanted to prepare something warm and comforting to compliment the environment. Rich, warm, and flavorful, this recipe for Baked Black Eyed Peas is a winner. This vegan option is also considerably better for your than most traditional recipes that are made with salt pork and added fats.

I am planning to serve the beans with either corn pancakes or polenta and a simple kale salad so I have all of the traditional southern foods of the new year covered on the table; black eyed peas, corn,  and dark leafy greens.

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