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Plum and Edamame Salad


vegan, summer salads

I tend to get a little over excited when buying summer produce at the farmers market and come home with an over abundance of fresh fruit. I have to say that the stone fruits are my real weakness as they are best had when seasonally fresh. I like to cut up a variety of plums, pluots, nectarines, and peaches for my family to snack on after dinner and we will eat several each day. I like to select stone fruits at varying stages of ripeness so they will last me for the whole week, but there are still many left to eat by the time the week is up. I put this salad together to serve with poached wild salmon. The combination of the sweet and tangy plums, with the crisp cucumbers, and edamame made a delicious companion to the salmon, but would be equally good on it’s own or with mixed baby greens.

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