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Anise and Almond Biscotti


It has been far too long since I wrote my last recipe post. If the truth must be told, I have not been so inspired in the kitchen lately. This is partially due to the fact that I have been preoccupied with other exciting projects around the house. My creative juices are only temporarily being sidetracked from food and fresh recipe ideas.  Many readers have been writing to me with reminders that Thanksgiving is coming up and I have not posted anything new. Thanksgiving is the one holiday where I really don’t try to make anything new and exciting. Like many other people, I like Thanksgiving dinner to have all my childhood favorites just like my mom made them. All of those recipes are already here for you to enjoy. But I will do my best to provide you with some new things to try this holiday season as well.

With this year being the first in a few that I am no longer strictly dedicated to a plant-based diet, I am feeling a desire to embrace my roots in pastry and the preparation of home style desserts. This particular recipe for Anise and Almond Biscotti is a personal favorite of mine to make for holiday gifting as well as for my own personal sweet tooth.

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