Raw Oatmeal Porridge (gluten-free)


I was served a raw oatmeal at a breakfast that I attended a few years ago and was completely blown away at how amazing it was. I am a true oatmeal lover, but I don’t function at full capacity in the mornings. The thought of standing at the stove for half an hour to prepare breakfast is not only the last thing I feel like doing but something I do not have the luxury of time for. Preparing a batch of raw oatmeal on the weekend so it is at the ready for the week ahead allows me to enjoy all of the benefits of a hearty bowl of oatmeal each morning without any fuss at all.

Tandoori Inspired Spiced Chicken


Finding new ways to prepare chicken that are easy, different from the norm, and worth making again and again is an ongoing challenge. This is one of those dishes and I have been making with great success for over 20 years. It is fast and effortless to put together, great to make for a big crowd, and super delicious. I have never prepared this dish without at least one of my guests asking for the recipe.

Lentil and Walnut Pâté (vegan)


Fewer things are more decadent and luxurious to serve when entertaining during the holidays than a delicious pâté. It’s rich, creamy, and you swoon for more due to that power of umami that each bite of it provides. It also happens to be pure fat and the origins of it’s ingredients are best left not discussing. Imagine, if you will, indulging in the primal pleasures that come from eating pâté without the guilt or clogged arteries. This amazing recipe will help you achieve such a thing.

Salad of Beluga Lentils with Roasted Butternut Squash


Healthy Holiday Recipes; vegan & gluten-free

I began writing and posting recipes to this site with the sole purpose of sharing more healthful options for your dining pleasure. Sure we all love to sink our teeth into buttery cream laden dishes during the holidays, but even during the holidays my most requested and popular recipes tend to be those that offer seasonal flavors without all of the fat and sugar. I tend to prepare my standard favorites for the holiday table year after year, but still try to add new fare into the mix. More often than not I try to make the new additions healthier dishes like this salad made with super nutritious lentils bejeweled with roasted butternut squash and pomegranate seeds.

Almond and Goji Berry Trail Treats


Gluten-Free Almond, Oat, Goji snacks

If you are like me and seem to be always on the go, it helps to have healthy, tasty, and portable snacks on hand. I rarely leave home without a few of my homemade Almond Goji Treats in my purse. They are nutty, a little bit sweet, and extremely satisfying. 

My Fitbit Obsession and Hiking Addiction


Over this past summer, I got hooked on hiking. Of course, when you are living in a place where all you have to do is walk out your front door and be enveloped in the verdant alpine glory of Park City, Utah this is something that can happen quite easily. My family and I relocated to what I deem to be a slice of heaven for a good part of our summer. I think the only days that I didn’t hike the trails were the ones when it was pouring rain. But there is another reason that I became so addicted to hiking and movement in general. I bought a Fitbit.

Oatmeal Digestive Biscuits (gluten-free)


Gluten-free digestive biscuits

I have had a love for English digestive biscuits since I have been a child. These biscuits which are really just grain based shortbread-like cookies are traditionally served with tea or cheese and wine as part of a savory dessert. As I do my very best to adhere to a gluten-free diet, the only way that I was going to be able to enjoy this favorite treat was to create a recipe of my own. Cravings are a great motivator and this recipe is a real winner.

Honey Caramelized Apples for a Sweet New Year


It is traditional to dip apples in honey for a sweet new year on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Needless to say, it is a delicious tradition and a true example of why there is no need for things to be complicated to taste wonderful. Fresh, crisp, seasonal apples dipped in yummy raw honey is hard to beat, but this year I wanted to try to make it into a  memorable dessert instead of a mere part of the celebration. I have always found Tarte Tatin to be one of my absolute favorite desserts. The upside-down caramelized apple tart was and remains to be one of the best recipe rescues in culinary history.

Sweet Potato Chipotle Salad


vegan, gluten free, southewestern salad

Even though the weather here in Los Angeles is currently in the triple digits, the fall produce is starting to push many of the summer favorites to the side at the markets. Yams are taking center stage right now so it is an optimal time to prepare them in a way that will let them shine and get the attention they truly deserve.

Warm Tarragon Potato Salad



Although I do my very best to avoid night shade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants), there are times that I cannot resist creamy potatoes. When my children ask me what my favorite food is, my response is almost always potatoes. The rest of the time its pizza in case you were wondering.

Chocolate Buttermilk Blackout Cake (with vegan adaptation)


It’s not healthy nor is it gluten-free, but it is the best chocolate cake you can make with the least amount of fuss. Yes, there are recipes that I prefer to this one for a velvety rich crumb, but this recipe is practically mindless to assemble with consistently good results.

Poached Chicken Salad with White Nectarines


Even though we are entering into Labor Day weekend, Summer stone fruit is still quite abundant and delicious. At the moment, we cannot seem to get our fill of sweet and juicy white nectarines. Since I am buying 8-12 at a time, I am left with a few to play with for other things other than just gobbling them up. Adding nectarines, peaches, or plums to any late Summer salad would be great. They are fantastic paired with a variety of nuts and cheeses as well as meat and poultry as I have chosen to do with this recipe. Served on its own or over your favorite greens, this salad will make a healthy, flavorful, and satisfying lunch or light dinner to serve during those hot days of the Indian Summer.