September 22, 2011

Quick and Easy Lunch


Time moves so fast during the day.  I seem to be in a perpetual rush to accomplish a variety of tasks and errands before I get my kids from school.  I often find that stopping for lunch is an inconvenience.  But running on fumes with low blood sugar is not a good option either.  Since embracing a plant based diet without gluten's, I have discovered that I need to eat at more regular intervals.  I believe this is mostly because my body is functioning properly.  We are not meant to go for long stretches of time without fuel to keep us going.  I make it a point to stop for lunch even when I am on the go.

When I am home, I will often warm up leftovers from the previous night's dinner.  But I really love to make variations on this simple fresh sandwich.  It is easy to put together, fast, and immensely satisfying.

There are infinite variations of what can be used for this rolled sandwich.  I like to use whatever I have in the refrigerator that is clean and fresh.  Here is a suggested list of ingredients to mix and match.  I like to create a balance of creamy, crunchy, and even something warm.

Veggie Wrap
1 brown rice tortilla or sprouted whole grain tortilla
1 tablespoon hummus; chickpea, edamame, or white bean
  arugula, fresh spinach, Kale, or swiss chard
Pick from the following:
1 carrot, cut into slivers
1 radish, cut into slivers
  avocado, sliced thin
1 slice red onion
1/2 - whole veggie burger, broken into pieces
1/3 cup leftover brown rice or Quinoa
1/4 cup beans of any sort
  leftover sauteed vegetables
If you are using a veggie burger, heat it up before you commence your sandwich making.
Warm the tortilla for about 30 seconds to soften it. Spread the hummus onto the tortilla. If a tablespoon is not enough, feel free to use more. Using some sort of spread here is helpful to keep the tortilla supple for rolling.
Sprinkle the greens onto the prepared tortilla as though you were making a pizza.
Lay the other vegetables, grains, and fillings across the center.
Carefully roll it up. Slice in half. Eat.



Trader Joes sells brown rice tortillas found in the bread aisle.  They also have a great selection of hummus and bean dips.  The edamame hummus is worth a try.

Whole Foods sells Litelife brown rice tortillas found in the refrigerated section with other tortillas.  They also make a variety of hummus and bean dips that are freshly prepared in local commissaries. If you are buying veggie burgers, choose one that is clean with limited ingredients.  I like the Sunshine Burger and gardenbuger brands.  Be careful to read the ingredients on the box.  Many brands of frozen, vegetarian or vegan foods are overloaded with sodium and preservatives.

**If you don't have time to make lunch and are out and about, the Whole Foods salad bar is filled with a great selection of organic vegetables, grains, and beans.


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